It clashed between Clauss and Tudor!

Jonathan Clauss has admitted to having clashed several times with his trainer Igor Tudor.

Transferred last summer to Marseille from Lens, Jonathan Clauss started the season strong, before experiencing a blow less well after the 2022 World Cup, a competition to which he was not invited. And in recent months, the former Sang et Or has had several clashes with his bubbling Croatian coach, Igor Tudor, as he himself admitted.

“He is outwardly as he is inwardly. He doesn’t cheat on anyone, he doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t. And it’s hard, it’s strict, but it’s his vision of things. We adapt “first entrusted the tricolor international during an interview with Europe 1.

“There are frictions from time to time”

And Clauss continues: “So of course there is friction from time to time. But hey, we have a lot of friction with our parents, so why wouldn’t we have any with a coach? He is in his image. But whether we like it or not, it has results today. »

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