Is Le Graët still lucid?

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The question is asked by the very boss of the National Ethics Council (CNE) of the French Football Federation (FFF), Patrick Anton.

The National Ethics Council (CNE) was one of the first bodies of the French Football Federation (FFF) to be moved by the controversial positions of its president Noël Le Graët. At the start of the Zidane affair, the CNE came out in favor of dismissing the boss of the FFF – also its president, Patrick Anton, welcomes the conclusions of the audit commissioned by the Ministry of Sports as to the shortcomings and abuses of 3F. A damning report for Noël Le Graët in particular.

However, the CNE fears the stubbornness of the Breton leader, who seems to cling at all costs to his final mandate. “ I wonder if Noël Le Graët is still lucid enough to make a decision in a completely rational way. I think he’s still in denial and he doesn’t want to admit the mistakes he made. I believe that the audit on this point is quite clear and the floor has been released. A few days after the interview with Sonia Souid, we saw several people complaining about Noël Le Graët. If there is no longer this lucidity, which I believe, I fear that he will still cling to his post and, legally, no one can dislodge him. The problem now is to know how long he will stay, and that nobody knows for the moment “Blows Patrick Anton on the airwaves of RMC.

“We will forget the great leader of French football”

If not Eric Borghini, few members of the FFF have asked Noël Le Graët to step back. The CNE did. ” The first leader of French football is not above the law, […] we decided to proclaim that we wanted the resignation of Noël Le Graët “, explains Patrick Anton. ” Asking for his resignation can be interpreted as a sanction. But it’s more of a protective measure. I knew unboxing was going to be terrible for him and those around him afterwards. I knew President Noël Le Graët as president of Guingamp and as president of the LFP, he was an excellent leader, the only leader of the LFP, FFF and of a football club. We would have liked him to come out the front door, but what I fear is that in a few years we will only remember the negative side of Noël Le Graët. We will forget the great leader of French football. »

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