indisputable holder in selection? Habib Diallo responds to Antonetti

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For Frédéric Antonetti, coach of Strasbourg, Habib Diallo has all the qualities to establish himself as a holder with Senegal. The striker replied to his coach.

Habib Diallo makes a superb season with Strasbourg. The Senegalese has scored 18 goals in 33 league games with the Alsatian club. If Strasbourg manages to stay in Ligue 1, it will be largely thanks to its prolific goalscorer. Frédéric Antonetti, coach of the club, said he was very satisfied with the contribution of the Lion Thursday at a press conference, before Saturday’s meeting against Nice. The technician goes even further and explains that, in his opinion, the striker deserves to start with Senegal: “He can be an indisputable starter in the Senegal national team, but he has to raise his level. I had it in Metz and now here. He is a boy you can count on, he is reliable. But I tell him quite simply that he can still raise his level. If he can be satisfied with it, it’s not bad to score 20 goals per season, but he has the capacity to take a step forward.

Habib Diallo counts on Antonetti

The technician’s words flattered the principal concerned. Present in front of the journalists just after his coach, the Senegalese returned to the words of the Corsican. “On the one hand, he is right. But in the national team, it’s a bit complicated, it’s not the same as in the club. You have to do a little more and the coach helps me to progress”, explains the 27-year-old player. Habib Diallo played 16 games with Senegal, scoring 4 goals. In attack, the competition is fierce among the Lions with in particular Boulaye Dia and Famara Diedhiou. There is no doubt that the player trained in Metz, who came into play in his country’s two games in March, hopes to glean playing time with his selection thanks to his magnificent season with Strasbourg.

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