“I know it will be complicated”

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During an interview with L’Equipe, Teddy Tamgho notably mentioned the reasons which led the world champion in 2013 to resume his career at almost 34 years old.

If some people once thought it was a simple April Fool’s joke (his message was posted on social networks on March 31), Teddy Tamgho is not kidding: the Frenchman intends to resume his career. See you soon 34 (next June), the triple jump world champion in 2013 in Moscow dreams of returning to success or, at least, of being present at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

For this, the Parisian has planned a big training program in the coming months to regain his physical shape and thus try to find his best level, he who has a record at 18.04 m. “I assume my share of madness. It’s my craziest bet but that’s what would make it even more beautiful if I succeed “, did not hide the interested party, about his return to competition.

Tamgho has been thinking about it since Eugene

“It’s been almost ten months. It was out of the World Championships in Eugene (in July 2022). What tickled me then is difficult to analyse. I can’t say too much, but seeing the triple contest, it made me want to jump. What had not happened to me since my decision to stop in 2019. (…) My return to competition? Next winter, we are too far to talk about it, also explained the man who trains several athletes such as Hugues-Fabrice Zango and Wilhem Belocian (“Nothing will change, I will always put priority on them”, he says). Me, I’m talking about six months of upgrading, because I’m not hiding from you that Teddy today is no longer the same. (…) It would be hasty and a mistake to be too good a strategist by already planning my 2024 season. »

“So I know it will be complicated”

Aware of the difficulty of such a return, Tamgho hopes however to succeed in his incredible bet and be present at the 2024 Olympics in the French capital. ” I have confidence in myself. And I’m willing to take risks. (…) The discipline is not progressing, I regret it, but there will still be in Paris at least three fit guys with records at 17.80 m. So I know it will be complicated. And if not, I have no problem with the idea of ​​​​stopping, of leaving a situation if I tell myself that it’s dead, also declared the Frenchman, during an interview granted to L’Equipe. But there, my decision is made, we will see, it is useless to want to reason with me. Imagine that it worked, that I was even present at the Games! People will say: “The madman was right. » »

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