” I kill you “

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While the Denis Brogniart affair is shaking the first channel, it is not good to talk about the star host of TF1.

Two weeks before the launch of the new season of Koh Lanta, Denis Brogniart is the object of all the attention within the first channel. Ten days after the revelations of the magazine Here on the anger of the star host of the One, the staff follows with the greatest attention the developments of the case. Several leaders of the first channel were also at the Grévin Museum on Thursday, on the occasion of the inauguration of his statue.

Contrary to what Pierre Ménès experienced two years ago, after the revelations that followed the broadcast of the documentary by Marie Portolano I am not a slut, I am a journalist, no new evidence against Denis Brogniart added to those of Marion Jollès, Anne-Laure Bonnet and especially Charlotte Namura or to the story of the incident that occurred last summer during a live broadcast in Biscarrosse on the sidelines of July 14.

Even the former collaborators of the first channel are careful not to talk badly about the star presenter of the first channel. To believe The Parisian, the lawyers of TF1 have also taken care to remind certain former members of the house of the non-disparagement clause signed at the time of their departure. What put some people on the nerves. ” If you quote me, I’ll kill you”launched one of them.

It’s normal for it to get hot at times.

In the end, most people working with Denis Brogniart have nothing but good things to say about Bourguignon. ” Denis is 10% angry, 90% exceptional, promises one of his collaborators. He is kind, generous. He’s my favorite animator to work with here. He has a huge heart. He is very involved in the Arc Foundation, and I have often seen him calling the whole world for people who are suffering from cancer”, confided one of his collaborators, while Thomas Pawlowski, who last year was still director of communication for TF1 programs, affirms that Denis Brogniart is not an isolated case: “Bosses, colleagues and even journalists who fly into a rage, I have known some: sometimes they were wrong, sometimes they were right.”

And when a former candidate for the show District Z admits having witnessed anger from Denis Brogniart, he puts forward an attenuating circumstance: “Once, in front of us, he yelled at an assistant, remembers a participant in the zombie program. It was 3 o’clock in the morning, we were all rinsed, it’s normal that it gets hot at times”he explained.

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