How much will Wembanyama earn next season? (Spoiler: A lot)

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Victor Wembanyama is fixed. Expected to be the first choice of the NBA draft, the tricolor interior will evolve with the Spurs. With the assurance of an XXL contract.

The NBA Draft lottery has delivered its verdict. A particularly awaited lottery since it guaranteed the (very) jackpot to the team inheriting the first choice. Big winners of this lottery, the Spurs will be able to select Victor Wembanyama, considered by all observers as the new phenomenon of the League and even presented as the “greatest prospect in NBA history”.

Guaranteed to be the first draft pick, despite competition from Scoot Henderson and Brendon Miller, Victor Wembanyama will sign his first NBA contract in early July. A two-season lease with two more years as an option and a very comfortable salary. If the salaries that will be in effect next season have not yet been revealed, the figures for this season allow you to have a more precise idea.

This season, nearly 9 million dollars were thus planned for the first choice of the draft, Paolo Banchero, for his first year, then 9.5 million during his second year and finally nearly 10 million during his third year. In fact, the teams can choose to donate between 80 and 120% of these sums and the franchises almost systematically grant 120% of this “rookie scale”. Victor Wembanyama can therefore expect at least 10.9 million dollars for his rookie year, 11.4 million in his second year and then nearly 12 million in the third year. The tricolor interior, which receives around 200,000 euros from the Mets, is indeed preparing to enter a new world.

And these emoluments should quickly constitute only the tip of the iceberg. The sale of his image, given his popularity across the Atlantic, should allow him, there too, to panic the counters.

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