Hiba Abouk sends a poignant message to Achraf Hakimi

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The paths of Hiba Abouk and Achraf Hakimi have definitely separated. After being one of the most famous and well-known couples in the media, they broke off their relationship and now they are in the middle of a divorce.

The actress and the footballer have two children together, but they made this decision and now they are solving the final problems for their future and that of their children. It must be remembered that Hiba’s decision had nothing to do with the accusation against Hakimi, as she herself admitted.

Abouk took it a step further and shared it on his social media. The actress posted a strong, but at the same time positive and motivating message about what comes of this moment for her: “Be very patient with yourself. Keep reminding yourself that things are working for you. What doesn’t make sense now will soon give you peace and clarity. You will understand why certain things happen in a certain way. Everything happens in divine times. Stay positive.

It’s a way to turn the page and trust in life, in which the actress will no longer be at the side of the PSG footballer. It should be recalled that Ashraf was charged with rape, although the case is still ongoing.

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