Heavy sanction confirmed for Denis Brogniart

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The weeks and are alike for Koh-Lanta, whose audience does not take off while Denis Brogniart has been the target of strong criticism for his behavior.

The new season of Koh-Lanta definitely does not excite the crowds. The trend observed during the first two episodes of the adventure game was indeed confirmed on Tuesday for the third week of the program presented by Denis Brogniart. The audience was once again disappointing for the first channel.

According to the figures from Médiamétrie, the third episode of “Sacred Fire” was indeed watched by only 3.44 million viewers, or an audience share of 20.2%. If they were 3.85 million viewers for the first part, or 18% of the public, the audience was just over 3 million viewers for the second part, for an audience share of 22.3%.

The audience for this third episode is in the same waters as that of last week since the second installment brought together 3.42 million viewers. The first channel was able to console itself by noting that it had this time arrived at the top of the hearings since the front page was (very) slightly ahead of France 3 and the Crimes parfaits series, which was indeed watched by 3.43 million viewers for an audience share of 16.8%.

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