Hamraoui is making a comeback!

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After having already returned to the professional group of PSG last summer, Kheïra Hamraoui is on the way to finding the France team. Corinne Deacon announced, on Wednesday, the list of Blue for the Tournoi de France which will be held from February 13 to 21 with three matches on the program against Denmark, Uruguay and Norway.

And if this third edition of the Tournoi de France will be the occasion for the first steps of Manon Heil and Maëlle Lakrar, all new to the French team, Corinne Deacon’s list is above all marked by the great return of Kheira Hamraoui, who had lost her place in the France team last winter a few months after the attack she suffered after an evening with PSG and for which her teammate Aminata Diallo was finally indicted last summer.

Fear me, never

“She has playing time in 2022. This tournament will allow me to review the squad,” first of all justified the coach, ensuring not to fear possible tensions following the return of the former Barcelonan: “Fear me, never. We play football, she performs well at PSG. “After the attack, Kheira Hamraoui had indeed immediately raised suspicions on Aminata Diallo, which had been very badly experienced by her teammates at PSG as in the France team when the latter had been released from police custody without prosecution. .

“I’ll see what she’ll do with us. I want to see what athletic impact it can bring to us. She had a little less playing time at the start of the season with PSG but Paris will have important deadlines quickly, she continued. The club is going to need its entire workforce. This is an opportunity for Kheira to show us his desire and I know that his desire is very important to join the France group. It is an element among the team, we do not want to make a case for Hamroui. She wants to get ahead, so do we. We will leave what happened in the past, look to the future and focus on the field. »

Corinne Deacon also thought of bringing back Amel Majri, who recently returned after the birth of her daughter. “We both talked, the idea crossed my mind. Amel had a very long absence after this happy event, she explained. His playing time is still too low for me given his two entries still far from the international level. It was agreed that she would have an additional six weeks to prepare before the April rally. »

The Blue group

Chavas, Heil, Peyraud-Magnin, Picaud; E.Cascarino, Cissoko, Lakrar, Perisset, Renard, Thibaud, Torrent; Asseyi, Bilbault, Dali, Geyoro, Hamraoui, Palis, Toletti; Baltimore, Bussy, D.Cascarino, Diani, Feller, Mateo, Sarr, Thomas.

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