Hamraoui, Eric Abidal takes a lot!

Like Kheira Hamraoui, Eric Abidal was strongly criticized after the remarkable exit of the PSG midfielder after the shock against Olympique Lyonnais.

Rather discreet in recent weeks, Kheïra Hamraoui is talking about her again. Sunday, after the match lost by PSG against Olympique Lyonnais (0-1), she revealed a t-shirt with an enigmatic message. ” Insults ; No excuses!! Where are the men ?? Patrick Juvet, could we read there. According to Le Parisien, the message was intended for the Ultras of PSG who, in February 2022, had deployed a banner of support for Aminata Diallo.

Kheira Hamraoui’s message sparked many reactions. Hayet Abidal, ex-wife of the former defender of the Blues did not fail to be indignant at the attitude of the former Barcelonan, who was the mistress of Eric Abidal in Catalonia. She gave it a layer on Monday evening. “I will do without revealing to you the odious manipulations and lies to achieve his ends”, she wrote, adding ” ‘Excuses. Where are the men…’ But what nerve! We are also waiting for them. »

Hayet Abidal also relayed the message written by one of his relatives to Kheira Hamraoui, but also to her ex-husband. “You have to stop pretending that people are blaming you for being assaulted. Public opinion reproaches you for your odious behavior. Like for example the fact that the Abidal family welcomes you to their home, that you play with their children and that afterwards, you fuck Eric Abidal under their roof as if nothing had happened for three years “can we read there before a last sentence addressed to the former defender of the Blues: “His daughter watches my stories so out of respect for her I wouldn’t blame her parent but I don’t think less. »

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