Hakimi case, which intrigues the investigators

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Accused of rape by a young woman, PSG defender Achraf Hakimi was indicted on Friday. For their part, the investigators are continuing their investigations.

At Paris Saint-Germain, not a week goes by without the newspapers having something to say about it. Less than a week before a decisive round of 16 Champions League return against Bayern Munich (March 8), it was completely different news that made the front page. Accused by a mysterious young woman, Achraf Hakimi was indicted for rape on Thursday. Presumed innocent, the Moroccan international immediately indicated, through the voice of his lawyer, that he remained ” serene ” in front of what he considers to be an attempt at racketeering. At the same time, the investigators are continuing their research and have yet to clarify several gray areas.

In its Saturday edition, The Team provides an update on the progress of the investigations. The sports daily explains, for example, that the police have in their possession the discussion thread on which the two protagonists exchanged. But the investigators also got their hands on a second conversation, this time between the accuser and the one she would have called for help to pick her up from Achraf Hakimi on February 25, the date of the alleged rape. The media reports that ” according to concordant sources, the content of these messages, in particular some which were exchanged before the meeting on Saturday evening, appears much more opaque to the investigators“.

No exams

The latter are therefore hard at work to understand the meaning of this famous conversation which, once deciphered, should help them to progress in their investigation. While the accuser still refuses to confront Hakimi and did not wish to file a complaint or submit to gynecological and medical examinations, the most complete vagueness is still very much present. It is up to the police to shed light on this dark affair.

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