Haise did not understand the arbitration of Brest-Lens

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Rather weighted in his analyzes usually, Franck Haise could not hide his frustration this Sunday after Lens’ draw in Brest (1-1), as part of the 22nd day of L1.

On the Canal + antenna at the end of the game, the artesian coach returned to the actions which could have harmed his training, according to the interpretation of the refereeing body. ” I reviewed the images, but already, I had a fairly clear idea, in particular of the Brest goal. Even though I have 52-year-old eyes, I still saw the thing pretty well. I wanted to discuss with the referees at the moment, not with the VAR unfortunately, but with the referees. But for now, it’s not possible… »

And ‘add, thus relayed by L’Equipe: ” That there is debate, at the limit on the penalty for us, on the hand of Belkebla. He thinks it’s a natural move. Me, an arm that goes up like that, it’s not quite natural, but there can always be debate, why not. I think that on the action of the Brest goal, there is a hand that takes the ball completely in the opposite direction to its direction. And who then brings the action of the counter and the center. So offensive hand, until proven otherwise, it must be whistled. She was not. I asked if it’s checked at the VAR. I am even told that the player is on the ground, he is never on the ground, the hand is not on the ground, that is not even what happened. »

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Finally Lees-Melou escaped a second yellow card in surprising fashion on the hour mark. We have a player in the emergency room too (Machado, editor’s note). On a tackle that I consider very borderline worth at least a yellow, which would have been the second 30 minutes from the end after. It may be my interpretation that is not the right one, but it is still debatable. It raises questions, in any case, me, it raises questions. »

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