Galtier, Fournier makes a new revelation!

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Former sports director of OGC Nice, Julien Fournier admitted that Christophe Galtier was not his first choice for the Aiglons last season. Another renowned coach had been approached.

As we know, the collaboration was very difficult in Nice between Julien Fournier and Christophe Galtier, and all this resulted in the enormous controversy which is currently shaking the PSG coach, accused of racism and Islamophobia. It all started with an internal email sent by the former Aiglons sports director, revealed by journalist Romain Molina…

While the two men have now left the Gym, Julien Fournier recently made a new revelation about Christophe Galtier. If the French technician had been poached in 2021 by the Riviera club when he had just been crowned French champion with Lille, which looked like a very nice move for the OGCN, Galtier was not the first choice of Fournier.

Fournier wanted Ten Hag

In an interview with 90 Soccer, Julien Fournier assures that he was in advanced contact with a renowned coach. ” My first choice before Christophe Galtier was Erik Ten Hag, confides the former manager about the one who is currently making the heyday of Manchester United. We have met four times. When I say a meeting, it’s not drinking a coffee and saying: ‘How are you?’, etc. That’s the first time. Afterwards, there are work sessions. »

About his method and his discussions with the coaches, Julien Fournier provided some details. “When I go to see a manager and I feel he’s a bit interested, as a rule I give him three or four good home and away games, three bad home-away games. And I ask him to watch them so that we can debrief them and have his vision of the team. he explained. But obviously, this is not enough to ensure a smooth collaboration.

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