Galtier and OM, “it’s impossible”

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The rumor is improbable but tenacious: Christophe Galtier would be in the small papers of the president of OM Pablo Longoria.

Freshly landed from PSG, can Christophe Galtier reconnect with OM now, he the native of Marseilles who in the past wore the Sky and White jersey and even officiated on the Olympian bench as an assistant? ? Within the Marseille city, the commitment of the 56-year-old technician in favor of Paris last summer took on the appearance of betrayal. And rare are those who seem ready for forgiveness at this hour when the rumor willingly sends the person concerned home.

For Jérôme Rothen, this Friday on the airwaves of RMC, the reunion at this stage is unimaginable. ” From one year to the next, without a club in between, for me it’s impossible. We have to feed this rivalry (between OM and PSG, editor’s note). I don’t understand: you defended PSG as you had to defend it for a Marseillais, it was not easy for him and there you are going to return to Marseille? I very often defend Pablo Longoria in his choices. That’s why I nicknamed him the magician. But there is a total ignorance of the environment in Marseille. »

Di Meco contradicts Rothen

And the former Parisian player to conclude: “ Once you go to Paris, you can no longer put on the Marseille tunic. “An inaccurate observation in view of the many transfers that have taken place in recent years between the two clubs. Former OM icon, Eric Di Meco also believes in reconciliation. ” Even if it’s tricky because he just finished in Paris, it will still be easier for him to be accepted in Marseille when he comes back from Paris than what happened to him last year when he arrived in Paris. The supporters ? They are happy when it wins, we know them. The football that gets people excited is the one that wins “, notes the former side on the antenna of the radio aroused.

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