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Footy fans slam State of Origin Welcome to Country over Yes mention Voice referendum Adelaide

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Footy fans slam State of Origin’s ‘woke’ Welcome to Country after Indigenous elder spoke about Yes vote in the Voice referendum

  •  Footy fans blast Origin’s Welcome to Country
  •  Fan say speech was a ‘woke’ political statement
  •  Others thought it was a push for Yes vote

Footy fans have blasted the Welcome to Country at game one of the State of Origin series in Adelaide after an Indigenous elder spoke about the upcoming Voice referendum.

The NRL included an official Welcome to Country by Uncle Karl Winda Telfer before the national anthem was sung at the series opener on Wednesday evening.

Dressed in ceremonial garb, Telfer addressed the crowd and said, ‘I am, and we are, the first voice from the first people of the first day.

‘Today we are not about pushing people apart, we are about the union.

Footy fans have blasted the Welcome to Country at Game 1 of the State of Origin series after it was performed by Uncle Karl Winda Telfer (pictured) 

Many fans believed that the Welcome to Country shouldn’t have mentioned the Voice referendum, insisting that politics should be kept out of sport (pictured, an Indigenous dance performance before kickoff on Wednesday night)

‘In this great game, in this great country, we need to have the conversations leading up to the end of this year.

‘And I think we are mature enough to make the right call, yeah?’

Many footy fans didn’t appreciate the mention of the Voice to Parliament referendum that will take place later this year, insisting that politics should be kept out of sport.

‘Oh right – now the welcome to country is now a push for the yes vote,’ wrote one outraged fan. ‘I’ve turned the TV off. Not watching this woke s**t. Keep politics out of footy.’ 

‘That so called Welcome to Country was a political statement, that went over like a lead balloon,’ replied another.

‘Did anyone see the direct political interference at #origin by the aboriginal welcome to country dude demanding that we vote yes to the voice. Demanding that we vote yes,’ wrote a third.

‘When did the ‘Welcome to Country’ become a gratuitous political statement?’ said another.

However, other fans watching the speech from Telfer thought he hit the right notes. 

Other footy fans felt like Uncle Karl Winder Telfer was pushing a Yes vote with his speech

‘What a cracker welcome to country. Go Queensland. Go the #Voice #Origin,’ tweeted a fan.

‘What a great Welcome to Country. Proud to be an Aussie,’ said a happy fan.

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