Footballer Introduces His New Girlfriend To His Mom, Her Reaction Is Incredible

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FORMER footballer Jermain Defoe’s new girlfriend, Alisha LeMay, has already formed a winning partnership – with her mother.

Defoe, 40, and model Alisha, 31, were seen with her mother Sandra, outside her shop in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

A source said: “It must be serious if Jermain introduced her to Sandra.

“The couple are extremely close and their opinion means a lot to them.”

On Sunday, The Sun revealed last month that Defoe was with Alisha after he split from wife Donna Tierney, 40, after four months of marriage.

Their wedding ceremony at Cliveden House, featured in OK! magazine, was cast into doubt after we revealed that there was no official registration of marriages.

A beaming Alisha, dressed in a green puffer jacket, shared a joke with Sandra from Defoe’s Land Rover.

They have been seen enjoying a number of dates near her Essex home and she has known him as a friend for several years.

Defoe has always credited Sandra’s strict parenting with setting him on the path to a successful football career.

Defoe’s father, Jimmy Defoe, died aged just 47 in 2012.

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