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Fired from Manchester City, Riyad Mahrez will make a fortune

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To recruit Riyad Mahrez this summer, Al-Ahli Saudi is ready to draw. According to the latest information, the leaders of the Saudi club have offered him a 3-year contract accompanied by a good fortune as salary.

Al-Ahli’s intentions towards Riyad Mahrez are gradually being revealed. Present in London within the framework of the transfer of the Algerian, the president Waheed Muaath and certain leaders of the club would have made a first offer to attach the services of Fennec. The day after this announcement, we know a little more about the proposal made. According to several sources this Friday, it would be a 3-year contract and a salary worth 100 million euros with bonuses.

After extending his contract until 2025 last year, Riyad Mahrez could leave Manchester City this season. But before that, he has one last battle to fight. He is playing this Saturday in the Champions League final with the Skyblues in Istanbul.

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