Extending Messi, “bullshit” for PSG

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Lionel Messi is coming to the end of his contract with PSG this summer, with an option however for a third year in Paris. But does the capital club have an interest in extending the lease of its Argentine star?

The answer is all found for Jérôme Rothen, a wise observer of a PSG whose colors he himself defended. ” It’s a bad ideahe decides immediately this Monday on the airwaves of RMC. In the construction of a collective, the problem of PSG is not to have a star, it is to have several. Mbappé, PSG has every interest in trying to extend it and build with him, in relation to his age and everything he represents in France. Neymar has extended, he still has four years of contract. He gave satisfaction. It must be recognized that in the state of mind and his extra-sporting life, he made an effort. I find that he is totally in the shoes of a PSG player today, even if there are still possible improvements. »

Focusing on the Mbappé-Neymar tandem, so this is the advice to PSG from the former international left-hander. ” Messi’s extension is bullshit, already in terms of squad. Managing all three is complicated. Then there is the payroll. And we have seen that PSG is stuck with financial fair play. Because the payroll has exploded. There you have the opportunity to recover a large sum of money because Messi’s salary is substantial. It can allow you to recruit and improve your squad. For all that, it’s a very bad idea to extend Leo Messi. »

“No effort to put the club forward”

This Sunday again, with Téléfoot, Luis Campos confirmed that he was working to obtain the extension of La Pulga, a fulfilled Argentine freshly crowned world champion. ” Messi, it’s very good for two years to have the image, the best player of all time in your squad, who scores more goals this year. But we cannot stop at a match against Toulouse, when he is all alone at the forefront of the attack, because Mbappé and Neymar are not there. […] We’re going to have to rebuild something », insists Jérôme Rothen.

A former PSG player who regrets the attitude of the sevenfold Ballon d’Or, vis-à-vis the supporters in particular. ” In terms of image and what he sends back, I wouldn’t understand Leo Messi wanting to extend the adventure. He makes no effort to put the club forward. He is not going to thank the supporters, he lowers his head and goes back to the locker room. Even on the celebration of his goals, his name is chanted, he never has a nice gesture towards the supporters to thank them. So he doesn’t want to invest more in that. It’s a bad idea… »

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