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The battle for the coronation will find its denouement in Germany between Bayern, jostled, and Borussia, who can win the Bundesliga if they win this weekend, while England, Spain and Italy must distribute the last tickets for Europe or relegation.

Germany: Borussia one victory away from the title

For the title, Dortmund are two points ahead of Bayern Munich and receive Mainz in their Westfalenstadion. A victory will mathematically secure the title for BVB. Bayern must prevail and rely on a misstep from Dortmund to clinch an eleventh consecutive league title.

Behind Dortmund, Bayern and Leipzig, Union Berlin and Freiburg are tied on points for fourth place, the last qualifier for the next Champions League. The Berliners in their Alte Försterei can ensure their qualification in the event of victory, thanks to a slightly favorable general goal difference (+12 against +8), while Freiburg will have to win in Frankfurt and count on a Berlin misstep.

Bayer Leverkusen (50 pts), Wolsfburg (49) and to a lesser extent Frankfurt (47) can still grab 6th place for the Europa League Conference. Xabi Alonso’s men can bend the deal if they succeed in Bochum, while Wolfsburg will have to win at home against Hertha Berlin, already relegated. If Leipzig win the Cup next week, this sixth place will offer a ticket to the Europa League.

England: Tottenham, the chalice to the dregs?

For the moment, Aston Villa (7th) holds the rope for the C4 with 58 points and needs a victory against Brighton, assured of 6th place and to play the C3, not to depend on the result of Tottenham, 8th at a point and that moves to Leeds.

For the Spurs, a non-qualification for Europe would be the culmination of a season marked by the psychodrama of the departure of Antonio Conte and which ends painfully, with four points taken in the last seven matches.

In front of them, they will have Leeds, 19th, who absolutely need a victory to have a chance of overtaking Everton, first non-relegation with two lengths in advance and who also finish at home, against Bournemouth (15th) .

Leicester, who have the same number of points as Leeds, but a better goal difference, will also play their way by receiving West Ham, with their ears glued to the transistor to follow the other scores.

Spain: Real again without Vinicius

In Spain, the champion is already known (FC Barcelona), but the fight for maintenance and for the last qualifying tickets for European competitions is still fierce.

The only match that has been brought forward to Saturday (7:00 p.m.), due to the Andalusian Europa League final scheduled for Wednesday in Budapest, is Sevilla FC – Real Madrid, which will be played without Vinicius, a week after the racist insults he suffered in Valencia. Cleared of any suspension, the Brazilian was already in civilian clothes on Wednesday at the Bernabéu, hit in the knee.

All other matches will take place on Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

If they do not lose on the lawn of Atlético Madrid, Real Sociedad will be guaranteed to return to the Champions League ten years after their last appearance, regardless of the result of Villarreal, their first pursuer (five points behind). who moves on the field of Rayo Vallecano.

The bottom of the leaderboard looks like a pocket square! Six teams stand in two points, and everything will therefore be decided on the last day.

Italy: two tickets for the C1

There are still two tickets to be awarded for the Champions League, the other European runners-up and the final place in the elevator to Serie B.

For the C1, Inter Milan (3rd, 66 pts) and AC Milan (4th, 64 pts) are best placed to support Naples and Lazio. To secure their places in the Top 4 this weekend, Inter need a point on Saturday against Atalanta Bergamo (5th, 61 pts) and Milan must win Sunday in Turin against Juve. In case of defeat, the Rossoneri will remain under pressure until the end.

Inter’s victory in the Italian Cup means that 5th and 6th places will qualify for the Europa League and 7th for the Europa League Conference. This will be the consolation prize of the three beaten in the final sprint for the C1, even if Roma (6th) can also join the Champions League if successful in the Europa League (May 31 against Sevilla).

The last place for Serie B will be played between Lecce (16th, 33 pts), La Spezia (17th, 31 pts) and Hellas Verona (18th, 30 pts).

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