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Drogba makes a curious investment

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Didier Drogba, the former OM and Chelsea Blues striker, is embarking on a new adventure. After retiring from football in 2018, the former Ivorian international (106 caps, 65 goals) continues to diversify his activities.

Indeed, according to information from sportune.20minutes,
Didier drogba
and his partner, Gabrielle LeMaire, recently acquired a team from the E1 Series, the first world championship for… electric boats! Ten teams and twenty pilots will compete in boat races through a series of knockout heats over a two-day period. The races will last fourteen minutes and will take place in different prestigious cities such as Monaco, Venice and Miami. If the dates of the event have yet to be defined, it is in any case a new stage in the career of this illustrious ex-footballer, who is therefore embarking with passion on a new challenge. We can also see in a video posted by the main interested party on Twitter that his team’s boat will be in the colors of his Foundation.

It defends the marine ecosystem

In addition to its commitment to the world of water sports,
Didier drogba
is a fervent defender of the environment. In 2019, the unsuccessful candidate for the presidency of the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF) had already initiated a tree planting operation to fight against deforestation. Therefore, it actively supports the Blue Action program launched by the E1 Series and led by Carlos Duarte, which aims to protect the marine ecosystem.

In a statement given to the organization’s website, the presenter of the Ballon d’Or ceremony said: “Pollution has caused the destruction and loss of coastal habitats around the world. The degradation of our underwater ecosystems poses a serial threat to marine life and the livelihoods of coastal communities. We therefore want to have a positive impact through the accelerated development of clean technologies and inspire change”. Through this investment, Drogba also intends to promote the use of electrical energy.

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