Dismissed for wearing an outfit that was too daring, a referee becomes an influencer on social networks

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A stunning soccer referee from Mexico, who was fired after promoting a bookmaker, has turned her career around after becoming a social media influencer.

Valeria Andrade, 30, was a linesman in Mexico’s top professional soccer division, Liga MX, before promoting a gambling website on social media. But the professional nutritionist was then shown the door after Liga MX officials claimed such actions were prohibited under regulations.

At the time, she said: “I feel like I killed someone, when in reality any mistake can be made by anyone. I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t rape anyone.

“What I would like the most is that they don’t say bad things about me anymore. My name has already been horribly stained. I don’t think it’s fair that for a mistake I made, it’s so exaggerated.”

But nearly a year after the dramatic events, the beautiful woman has made a comeback after earning over 148,000 Instagram followers with her provocative photos. Andrade claimed that after her dismissal, she had free time which she used to upload photos and videos of various subjects to Instagram.

The influencer mainly focuses her content on travel, gym routines and her amazing shape which recently prompted her followers to ask her to join OnlyFans.

An Instagram user commented on one of her photos: “As a referee you were very beautiful, but here you are magnificent.” While another said: “Coffee? Greetings from Monterrey, okay? You should go live and check my inbox.”

A third added: “You are amazingly beautiful!” Andrade has amassed over 149,000 followers on Instagram and is attracting many more with each passing day.

Arguably, her social media activities have already made her even more popular than she ever would have been on the pitch. If she keeps posting selfies to her followers, she’ll definitely find a lot more coffee requests in her comment sections.

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