Deacon, new scandal for the FFF?

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Ejected from the position of coach of the France team, Corinne Deacon claims the jackpot of 6 million euros in compensation, in the name of the principle of equal pay for men and women. Enough to launch a new controversy over pay equity between the Blues and the Blues.

After her numerous clashes with the star players of Olympique Lyonnais, Corinne Deacon is now engaged in a completely different battle. The now ex-coach of theFrench women’s team was dismissed from her post by the Comex of the FFF on March 9, but still remains an employee. She claims nearly 6 million euros in wages due (until August 2024) and in compensation for the damage suffered. A pretty incredible jackpot.

Faced with this sidelining caused by the boycotts of Wendie Fox then Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, Me Christophe Ayela justifies the compensation claimed by the principle of equal pay for men and women enshrined in the collective sports agreement. The lawyer wants to calculate his client’s compensation by taking into account the salary of Didier Deschamps at 3 million euros annually (rather than that of Deacon at 350,000 euros).

What about equal pay for men and women in selection?

Many federations around the world have opted for equal pay for men and women in selection “, specifies moreover Me Christophe Ayela and he is right! Since 2020, the federations of Brazil and England have applied equality in the distribution of bonuses for its male and female selections. Since then, this has been implemented in Australia and New Zealand as well as in Spain, the United States and Canada and Wales.

Under the reign of Noël Le Graët, pay equity between the Blues and the Blues was unthinkable, the president brandishing the argument of economic logic. But it is clear that the FFF is light years away from the position of other federations with a first-class women’s team. France is 5th in the world for women. The procedure launched by Corinne Deacon will open a major debate about a better distribution between players.

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