David Alaba explains why he voted for Messi over Benzema

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In this football where everything is controversial and where the votes for this type of award are conditioned on whether the best player plays for your team or not, Alaba was involved in a controversy without much meaning that he had to get out of the way. with a statement on social media.

As captain of the Austrian team, David Alaba had to vote for “The Best” awards and his choice caused a stir and he had to give explanations. The Real Madrid centre-back voted Messi player of the year ahead of team-mate Karim Benzema.

Throughout the night, Alaba received a lot of criticism and had to post a statement on his social media explaining the reason for his vote. Although the name of the white central defender appears officially, in the Austrian team they decided to share the opinions of all the players and it came out that Messi should be the winner, Benzema the second and Mbappé the third.

“Following FIFA The Best Awards, the Austrian national team chose the votes for this award as a team, not just me. Everyone in the team has the right to vote and that’s how we do it. Everyone knows it, and especially Karim (Benzema), how much I admire him and his performances. And I have already said several times that for me he is the best striker in the world, that he still is. Definitely,” Alaba claimed in an attempt to explain why he voted in ‘The Best’.

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