Corinne Deacon, the rebels are expensive!

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If the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation pronounced the dismissal of Corinne Deacon, the leaders of French football also slipped a serious tackle to the rebellious players.

The coup succeeded. And this, in record time. Less than two weeks after the announcement by Wendie Renard of her decision to put her career in the France team on hold, Corinne Deacon was indeed dismissed by the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation. When announcing her decision, the tricolor captain, quickly joined by several Blue players including Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, had denounced the management of the now ex-tricolor coach.

And in view of the press release published by the FFF, the reservations expressed by the tricolor players are shared. “The numerous hearings carried out made it possible to establish the observation of a very significant divide with executive players and highlighted a discrepancy with the requirements of the very high level. This fracture has reached a point of no return which harms the interests of the selection. If the FFF recognizes the involvement and the seriousness of Corinne Deacon and her staff in the exercise of their mission, it appears that the malfunctions observed seem, in this context, irreversible. thus informed the Federation.

Agree on the substance, the leaders of the 3F are much less so on the form. Evidenced by the scathing message sent to the rebels. “The Comex has also noted that the way used by the players to express their criticisms was no longer acceptable in the future and intends to propose in the governance of the French Women’s Team a complementary mission between the Comex and the coach”, announced the FFF. A way of defending oneself from having given in to the blackmail instigated by the rebels.

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