Corinne Deacon, the huge clap of thunder

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Dismissed from her position as coach of the France team last month, Corinne Deacon is claiming a staggering sum from the French Football Federation.

The after Deacon could not have started better for Les Bleues. Despite the urgency of the situation, the adventure of Hervé Renard on the bench of the French team began with two convincing friendly victories, respectively against Colombia (5-2) then Canada (2 -1). A good omen now less than a hundred days before the kick-off for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The French Football Federation is nevertheless facing a serious problem. Its leaders have still not settled the Corinne Deacon file. Because if the Executive Committee of the FFF pronounced her dismissal following the putsch launched by Wendie Renard, the northern technician, under contract until August 2024, is still an employee of the Federation and therefore receives her check for 35,000 euros monthly. A solution that obviously does not suit the person concerned.

Equal pay demanded

To believe The Team, the former defender. central is indeed claiming very heavy compensation for the damage suffered. Through the voice of her lawyer, she sent a letter to the FFF to demand no less than 6 million euros. “It all started with Wendie Renard, who plays in Lyon, in Mr. Aulas’ team, and Mr. Aulas himself, who made public statements against Corinne Deacon, explained Me Christophe Ayela in the columns of the sports daily. It is extremely serious that the employer himself – Mr. Aulas sits on the comex of the FFF, and therefore represents the employer – before even looking at the file, says that she must be ousted. This public condemnation, without trial, ignores all procedures. In this matter there are personal interests that everyone will imagine. »

And the advice of Corinne Deacon to continue by claiming equal pay with Didier Deschamps. “Many federations around the world have opted for equal pay for men and women in selection, he pointed out. The pay gap between coach and coach is 1 to 8. We raised that point in our request. We want pay equity. For players too. » As on a field, Corinne Deacon will not give any gift…

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