Castaldi, serious reframing after the criticism

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Like several observers, Giovanni Castaldi did not like Clément Turpin’s performance during Bayern Munich-Manchester City. The journalist gave his opinion before being reframed by Sidney Govou.

Cataclysmic performance by Clément Turpin. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a referee miss his match in C1 so much. From attitude to decisions, he missed everything but absolutely everything. These were the lapidary words released by Giovanni Castaldi in the wake of the Champions League quarter-final second leg played on Wednesday between Bayern Munich and Manchester City (1-1). The journalist was expressing his disappointment with the performance of the match referee; Clement Turpin. But this opinion was clearly not shared by Sidney Govou.

Responding to the message posted by Benjamin Castaldi’s half-brother on Twitter, the former Olympique Lyonnais player came to the defense of the French official. ” He just applied the rule! He didn’t miss anything. That this rule is non-football is not his fault. He is there to apply, not to interpret like us in front of our TV. It’s just as well to say it and not always to criticize it. (sic) “An answer that brought another from his interlocutor:” What is disturbing is that he had this type of situation in Ligue 1, and that he did not have the same refereeing. There is always some form of interpretation. He missed a game it happens. And no, we don’t always criticize when it’s good, we say it too. »

League and LdC, not the same

But not enough to really convince the ex-international tricolor who concluded: “ We don’t play an LDC match like a league 1 match (experience) I think it’s the same for a referee! But hey, I understand your point of view too. (sic) It remains to be seen what UEFA will have thought of the performance of the man in black and whether he will offer him to referee a European semi-final in May.

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