Candidate for the Blues, he says he is ready to lie

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Having become part of the defense of AC Milan, Pierre Kalulu would see himself playing in the France team. The player is ready to do anything to find a place.

The anecdote is tasty and already well known to AC Milan supporters. As his team prepares to play a Europa League match against Sparta Prague, Pierre Kalulu is then approached by his coach who asks him if he feels capable of playing in central defense. Lateral training and not having hitherto played in the axis, the Frenchman does not disassemble and responds positively. A daring response which will prove to be decisive since he will achieve a great performance and gradually win his place among the Rossoneri. A little over two years later, and as he knocked on the door of the France team, Pierre Kalulu returned to this scene.

guest of The Team of Greg this Thursday, the Milanese first confirmed his little lie. ” It’s a little lie that had its small effect and it allowed me to be able to impose myself. ” Asked if he was ready to lie again to get more playing time, Pierre Kalulu played frankly and replied mischievously: ” Why not, honestly. “But in reality, the man should no longer need to go through it since he is the most used player this season by Stefano Pioli (33 games, three more than Sandro Tonali his first pursuer).

Three VRPs of choice

As to whether he would lie to Didier Deschamps to join the France team, the mystery remains. If he relies first on his performances to attract the attention of the tricolor coach, the one who has fifteen selections and two goals for the Espoirs knows that he has the support of his club partners, Théo Hernandez, Olivier Giroud and Mike Maignan to praise his merits to the coach. ” It would be better for me if they do the ‘job’ well. In any case they encourage me to do the maximum and they tell me to hang on. Anyway, lobbying doesn’t work too well, it’s the coach’s decision and we comply. “On March 16, he will know if Didier Deschamps will give him a chance or not.

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