Between Messi and Paris, it’s mad love

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While his future appears uncertain a few months from the end of his contract, Lionel Messi is “happier than ever” at PSG…

The future of Lionel Messi has not finished talking. The seven-time Ballon d’Or is indeed at the end of his contract next June and does not seem to be in a hurry to decide on his future. While some rumors assured at the beginning of winter that his extension to PSG would be sealed before the confrontation against Bayern Munich, discussions have so far made little progress and many suitors hope to take advantage of this to attract the native of Rosario. .

Inter Miami makes no secret of its intentions and Barça has not given up on bringing back the idol of the Catalan people either. Nevertheless, PSG retains control. And not only because of the financial power of the capital club. According to journalist Florian Torchut, very close to the Messi clan and also author of the biography Le Roi Léo, the brand new world champion likes Paris and PSG. “To speak regularly with those around him, he is happier than ever at PSG and in his life in Paris. With his family, he found his balance and his little routine. It was something fundamental after a very difficult adaptation. Today, it has become obvious for Messi to extend the adventure at PSG.he explained to Parisian Media.

Financial details still to be settled

“It is his will and that of his club. Talks are ongoing between Luis Campos and Jorge Messi. They were able to see each other just after the first leg of Bayer and are on the same wavelength on this file. The common idea is to lift the optional year that is in Leo’s contract as soon as possible, to engrave this extension in stone. he continued, adding: “On the player’s side, the desire is to continue to evolve at the highest level until the Copa America 2024. And PSG offers him this possibility. »

All that remains is to formalize everything, which is not easy. “For the moment, things are not recorded. It takes a little time, because financial details are still to be settled, whether on salary, image rights or bonuses, explained Florian Torchut. In any case, the will of the two parties to reach an agreement is clear and discussions are progressing in this direction. »

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