Benzema, the captaincy… the confidences of Giroud

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These last few months have been rich in emotion for the Blues. Olivier Giroud reveals behind the scenes.

While he has just extended his contract in Milan, at the age of 36, Olivier Giroud still projects himself with the tricolor tunic on his back. ” The stops of Varane, Lloris and Mandanda disturbed me a littlehe admits in an interview with L’Equipe. They pushed me in my reflection, to question myself more. But my real, intimate question, without being “parasitized” by their retreats, was: “Do you still want to? Their decision should not impact mine. I could have stopped up there, with this record and more (he is the Blues’ top scorer with 53 goals on the clock, editor’s note). But I still want! Want fun in the blue jersey, to bring more to this team. I feel capable of it as long as AC Milan allows me to be competitive. This projection remains in the medium term, until 2024. It is no longer a question of records for me, of goals, of selections. My leitmotif remains pleasure. I know that I would have quickly regretted if I had stopped. »

Present at the last gathering of the France team, in March, the former Montpellier player intends to go until Euro 2024 at least. ” It’s in fourteen months. I do not project myself beyond but I am here for that. It’s the only major title I miss. […] My greatest emotions are in the France team. The Blues are above everything. They are the red thread of my careerhe hammers. I feel good in this group even if there is a generational gap. I feel good with the younger ones. This team is on a good dynamic, with a good mentality. These youngsters are already showing a lot of maturity. I’m going to have to have some playing time anyway… I’m going to do my best for it. The match in Ireland was not the easiest to play. But I also know that I bring other things compared to other attackers. »

“We were sorry for Karim”

Now with a certain Kylian Mbappé as captain. Not an injustice for Antoine Griezmann, reports Olivier Giroud. ” Kylian has all the dimension. It’s good for him. I had no preference with “Grizi” who would have worn it too. Kylian makes the connection with the future. It is the most coherent link between the generations. He goes well with the press. He does the job. He knows what he wants. He speaks more in the locker room. It is a role that he wanted and that he likes. “Grizi” also had this legitimacy. But he saw the situation very well. “Grizi” is the team above all! »

And to come back to the case of Karim Benzema and the hasty departure from Qatar of the merengue striker. ” When certain things come to my ears, when I hear that some of us would have been relieved to see him go, it’s completely absurd! We felt sorry for him. I let him know personally. It’s obvious that we lost an important weapon. We were disappointed for him, for us. But we were able to get back into it, me first. I immediately switch back to the costume. It wasn’t easy either. But it’s my strength to get back into the swing of things quickly against Australia. No matter what role they want to give me, I’m there. »

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