an Ivorian international breaks the silence

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The testimonies continue to flow on the case of Christophe Galtier. Ismaël Diomandé, who played in Saint-Étienne between 2011 and 2016, confides in the serious accusations against his former coach.

Christophe Galtier is in the midst of a controversy for several days. Many testimonies report discriminatory and Islamophobic remarks by the current PSG coach during his stay in Nice. Accusations made by the former sports director of the Riviera Julien Fournier, in an email revealed in particular by the independent journalist Romain Molina. But several players who played under the orders of Galtier deny any concern of their former coach with black and Muslim players. Ismaël Diomandé, who knew Galtier in Saint-Etienne, paints the portrait of an open-minded man.

In The Evening Team, the Ivorian international defended his former coach. “I was trained at ASSE and it was he who got me to sign my first contract. I’m a muslim and never had any problem with him. I was not the only Muslim player in the group. Anyone who wanted to celebrate Ramadan could do so. And on the side of racism, I was really surprised, because I never had a problem with him on that level. Humanly, he is really a good person and I keep a positive image of the man”, he confides. Same story for Algerian international Andy Delort, who played in Nice last season. In story on Instagram, the attacker simply published a photo of Christophe Galtier with open arms, probably as a sign of support.

The mysterious Algerians on Galtier

The Algerian Yassine Benzia, who passed through Lille under the orders of the French technician, is on the other hand more enigmatic. He too goes through Instagram and posts in story the message “when the lie takes the elevator, the truth takes the stairs. It takes longer, but it always ends up arriving”. Does the “lie” refer to the accusations against Christophe Galtier or to the omerta that existed before the affair broke out? Hard to know. The testimonies on the case of the Parisian coach should continue to rain. Christophe Galtier has decided to file a complaint against Julien Fournier, Romain Molina and Daniel Riolo for defamation.

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