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Aliou Cissé justifies the absence of the U20s

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Senegal U20 is a team full of talent. Winners of the CAN in their category against Gambia (2-0) last March, they have just participated in the U20 World Cup. Despite their elimination in the first round (one defeat, 2 draws), this team is no less interesting. Both collectively and individually. What to see some of its elements integrate the A?

Not immediately, according to Aliou Cissé, the coach of team A of the lionswhich did not call on any newbies in its list unveiled on Friday for the matches against Benin and Brazil, on June 17 and 20.
According to him, these talents still have to work to have the chance to one day integrate the “greats”, as he explained in a video broadcast by the Senegalese Football Federation:
“Of course, let’s not kid ourselves. We are also aware that being African champion at 20 is very good, we must continue. But what is also good is to be champion with the senior team. For that, you have to work. They have room for improvement. Nothing is done for them yet. It is not because we are African champions that we will be professional. And that, I also think that we technicians, we have to come back and put our finger on that. But, we are aware of the potential that Senegal has today and little by little the best of them of course will arrive with the Senegal national team. In any case, that is what I wish for them”.

Patience is the mother of all virtues

It is true that there is a gap between performing when you are barely in your twenties and reaching the international level at the A level. This requires adaptation and constant progress, both physically and technically. and mind. The players of the Senegal U20 team still need to gain experience, mature and develop their game to be able to compete with seasoned professionals. Although Senegal currently has a promising breeding ground, it is important not to skip the stages. Youth success must be followed by measured and continuous progression to allow the best players to make their way to the senior Senegalese national team. Patience, perseverance and hard work are essential to transform these young talents into complete and competitive players at the highest level of international football.

Even for Lamine Camara?

However, we would have expected to see some elements of the U20s being called up in June. We think in particular of the player of FC Metz
Lamine Camara. Arrived in March, the 19-year-old midfielder has played 4 Ligue 2 games with the professionals this season. Although he already has 13 selections (3 goals) with the A ‘team of Senegal, he is not yet part of the elements that Aliou Cissé chooses to prioritize. But given the talent of the guy, there is no doubt that we will see him again in the more or less near future wearing the Lions jersey…

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