Algeria: Nasreddine Baghdadi – “No one has the right to touch our young people born abroad”

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Bouncing on the shocking remarks of the president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), Djahid Zefizef about young Algerian internationals, from emigration, whom he awkwardly described as ” strangers Nasreddine Baghdadi, former vice-president of the FAF, wanted to rectify his friend’s mistake.

I have known Djahid for a long time and I am sure that his words were misinterpreted “, pleaded the ex-number two of the FAF, contacted by the journalist Nacym Djender for ” It’s not his way of thinking. He just misspoke. On the contrary, he is someone who has great respect for our foreign-born footballers. Otherwise, how to explain that he spent nearly a month and a half abroad to discuss with young people like Aït Nouri, Badreddine Bouanani, Fares Chaïbi and many others in order to invite them to join the Fennecs? No, Zefizef cannot say that. I know him very well. He told me all the good things he thinks of our children born abroad “.

I can never thank the training centers of the French clubs enough »

the old vice-president of the FAF, very followed in the various TV sets to which he is often invited, will push the recognition even further. And it is not easy to affirm it so openly:Nobody has the right to touch our children born abroad. This is a red line not to be crossed. They enjoy the same rights as those born in Algeria. There is not the slightest difference with the locals. I would even say that when it comes to patriotism, they are even warmer than the locals, precisely because they are far from their country which they miss so much. So they come with a big desire to wear the jersey of Algeria. They are very proud of it. On the occasion, I would like to say a big thank you through your site, to all the educators of the various French football training centers who give us a lot of joy. I can never thank them enough. I put them in my eyes so much I admire their work which benefits our national selections in Algeria and throughout Africa “. This will warm many hearts in France and throughout Europe…

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