Achraf Hakimi is innocent, he was the victim of a dirty trick

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Achraf Hakimi has been at the center of divorce rumors for a few days. The Moroccan PSG defender reportedly hid from his wife the fact that he gave his property to his mother to avoid a costly divorce. But it all looks more and more like a fabricated lie. Ivorian media set social media on fire last week claiming that Achraf Hakimi had planned a nasty surprise for Hiba Abouki in relation to the divorce.

Indeed, the recent 2022 World Cup semi-finalist actually gave his entire fortune to his mother so he wouldn’t have to overpay his partner. A daring way to hide the reality of his wealth, which has made some Hakim fans happy and comforted those who don’t understand the supposed attitude of Paris Saint-Germain, who earns a million euros every month and who has two more children. Hiba Abouki.

But as the days go by, it all looks like a bad joke. On Linkedin, a lecturer at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and expert in artificial intelligence deciphers everything.

Returning to this supposed magic trick by Achraf Hakimi, Omar El Adlouni is clearly convinced that it is fake news in all its glory. “Why can’t this information be true?” To simplify, there are two main types of matrimonial regimes. The regime of community reduced to acquests: this is the legal regime of the majority of European countries, including France, Spain, Germany and Italy, countries where Hakimi has resided for the last 10 years. If the couple had adopted this marriage regime, it simply means that everything acquired during the marriage by one of the spouses is shared in the event of divorce (bank accounts regardless of the holder, real estate, etc.). The separation of property regime: Hakimi could have made a marriage contract which would have stipulated that he would be the sole beneficiary of the fortune and the property in the event of a divorce, but his wife would necessarily be AWARE (since she would have signed the contract in front of a notary), and it would not be in his interest to put his fortune in the name of his mother (unless he wants to share it with the tax authorities), “explains the teacher first before go further.

Indeed, if Achraf Hakimi had still been tempted to play this dangerous little game, the risk would have been great for the Moroccan defender, already indicted in a rape case in France. “Two scenarios: 1 – He would have done it before the divorce: in this case his wife would have known about it, and he would pay up to 45% tax under the gift regime (which is COLOSSAL when you consider the size of Hakimi’s fortune). 2 – He would have done it after the petition for divorce, and in this case, he would be liable to 5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros”, explains, on the professional social network, Omar El Adlouni, who specifies having used the AI, his specialty, to dismantle what he is claiming to be totally bogus information on Achraf Hakimi

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