March 26, 2023

While this beginning of the year was punctuated by tensions between certain world champions, Didier Deschamps and Christophe Dugarry in the lead, Robert Pirès spoke of the situation at France 98.

Does the bad atmosphere reign within France 98? Its members totally refute this idea. Didier Deschamps has nonetheless been the subject of severe criticism. Consequence in particular of his lack of eagerness to support Zinedine Zidane after the controversial statements of Noël Le Graët. Back in the spotlight, Christophe Dugarry, who has returned to his role as a sniper at RMC, has also recently given a layer.

“I read that France 98 broke away from Deschamps, that makes me laugh. It was Deschamps who broke away from France 98, he recently confided in the columns of the Parisian. There is no Deschamps-France 98 problem, there is a Deschamps-Dugarry problem because we don’t like each other. Humanly, we don’t appreciate each other and we will never appreciate each other. That’s all. » Once is not custom, Didier Deschamps is also on the same line as his former teammate in blue. “Don’t count on me to go in the direction of division. Whether some come punctually or not during the gatherings, that is only up to us, thus launched the coach. That I had a problem with Duga, yes. The important thing is that France 98 is going well, with different affinities and routes. »

Some players from 1998 are not in this group…

But according to Robert Pirès, Didier Deschamps would not be the only world champion not to be in the famous Whatsapp group of France 98. “Some players from 1998 are not in this group…”he thus entrusted to Télé-Loisirs without giving other names than that of Didier Deschamps. “Didier Deschamps is not in this group indeed. Personally, I am close and I get on well with everyone, but yes, there are tensions between Didier and Christophe Dugarry. Affinities are sometimes complicated”he added.

The former Messin also welcomed the departure of Noël Le Graët. “Noel Le Graët made the right decision by stepping down. Now we have to turn the page and trust the next president. Hoping this one doesn’t make the same mistakes… he asserted. The French men’s team is doing quite well. You have to trust Didier Deschamps. I wish the Blues to qualify for Euro 2024 and win it! »

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