A turnaround for Crémer?

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While the uncertainty about Clarisse Crémer’s qualification for the next Vendée Globe has pushed Banque Populaire to replace the sailor, the echo taken by this affair could push the sponsor’s leaders to change their minds.

Will Clarisse Crémer finally be able to take part in the next Vendée Globe? Earlier this week, Banque Populaire made public its decision to change skipper for its program to participate in the 2024 edition of the non-stop, unassisted solo round the world race. A decision that the sponsor justified by the uncertainty concerning the qualification of the native of Paris for the event. Due to a change in the mode of qualification, requiring candidates to take part in qualifying events between 2022 and 2024 in order to accumulate miles, Clarisse Crémer could not give all the guarantees of obtaining the precious sesame. Indeed, having become a mother in 2022, the sailor has not taken the start of a race since her twelfth place in the last Vendée Globe, thus falling behind in the race by one place at the start of the 2024 edition of the test. However, according to daily information The Parisian confirmed by RMC Sportsthe situation could soon change.

Banque Populaire wants to avoid bad publicity

Indeed, this decision by Banque Populaire, but also the will of the organizers of the Vendée Globe to maintain the rules as they stand, provoked a strong negative reaction. Faced with what could become bad publicity for the bank, the leaders of the latter would be ready to backtrack. This could end with an extension of the latter’s commitment to Clarisse Crémer, including participation in the next Vendée Globe. A case that would be taken in hand in high places since Nicolas Namias, chairman of the management board of the parent company of Banque Populaire, would be directly involved after not having appreciated that this decision put aside a young mother. It now remains for the boss of Groupe BPCE to convince Clarisse Crémer not to cut ties with her partner since 2019 and nothing seems certain in this area as this affair has had a strong impact.

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