A mole ? Domenech’s big rant

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Twelve years after the Knysna fiasco, Raymond Domenech has not forgotten the mole scandal triggered by Patrice Évra…

The noose is tightening for Noël Le Graët. As expected, the inspectors of the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research, to whom the audit mission carried out by the Ministry of Sports had been entrusted, sent their provisional report to the leaders of the French Football Federation. including Noël Le Graët, its president, and Florence Hardouin, its general manager. They now have ten days to respond to the charges.

According to many sources, the said report is damning for Noël Le Graët “which no longer has the necessary legitimacy” to lead the FFF. Florence Hardouin would not be spared either, nor would governance as a whole, many dysfunctions having been noted. But it is another dysfunction that Raymond Domenech wanted to point out on Monday evening, when the media revealed in detail the content of the said report.

Domenech accused of being the mole

“The ministry’s report on the football federation already in the newspapers … well done confidentiality .. who is the mole”, he wrote on Twitter with three emojis saying his fun. The reference to the mole obviously refers to the 2010 World Cup when Patrice Évra, the day after the exclusion of Nicolas Anelka, accused of having insulted Raymond Domenech at half-time of the France-Mexico match, opens in front of the media an amazing hunt. The problem of the France team is not Anelka but the traitor who is among us. We must eliminate this traitor from the group »he says.

And twelve years later, the former captain of the Blues still wonders about the identity of the mole. “Many are asking the question, some say he is a great player for the France team, others say he is downright the coach. But I hope he sleeps well at night”he confided last year on the subject.

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