A former teammate of Armstrong amputated

A former bandmate of Armstrong at the Discovery Channel, Tom Danielson has suffered from cancer for several years.

Tom Danielson does not see the end of the tunnel. The former American runner has been fighting cancer for several years. And recently, the Connecticut native had to have his finger amputated following the discovery of a tumor. The interested party announced it by himself on social networks.

“I’m tired and in a lot of pain but I’m happy that it went well. My other fingers have been brought together, allowing them to take over the functions of my middle finger. It’s pretty cool, actually! »he wrote on Instagram, adding: “At the moment, I can’t use my hand for anything. I can’t brake yet, because everything in my hand has yet to heal, from the bones to the tendons. »

A professional for more than thirteen years, Tom Danielson notably served Lance Armstrong in 2005 during his last year at the Discovery Channel. Having started at Garmin 2008, he has three Top 10 finishes in the Vuelta (2005, 2006 and 2009) and also finished 8th in the Tour de France in 2011.

Suspended for doping for the first time in 2012, Tom Danielson was caught by the patrol shortly after his return in 2013, receiving a new suspension. What encourage him to retire in 2015.

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